Military Friendly Supplier Diversity Methodology

Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity ratings are assessed through the evaluation of both public data about the organization and proprietary data gathered through our free Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity Program survey, which is now a part of the Military Friendly® Companies survey. The annual, data-driven survey assessment is available at no cost to companies and federal contractors nationwide.

Each year organizations taking our surveys are held to a higher standard than in previous years via improved methodology, criteria and weightings developed with the assistance of an independent research firm and our Advisory Council.

Corporate America is eager to do business with veterans, especially knowing that doing business with VOBs boosts the bottom line.




Our ratings of Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity Programs are based on responses to questions from the Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity Programs survey. Questions considered include those covering policies relating to the inclusion of veteran-owned and/or service disabled, veteran-owned businesses as part of the company’s supplier diversity program, as well as the way in which that company utilizes its outreach program to attract veteran-owned and/or service disabled, veteran-owned businesses. We also evaluate the company’s procurement infrastructure and allocation of assets, the existence and quality of mentoring programs, and any supplemental actions the company has taken to improve its relationship with veteran-owned and/or service disabled, veteran-owned businesses.

Survey responses are weighted according to the categories below. Final results and ratings are determined by combining an organization’s survey scores with the assessment of the organization’s ability to meet minimum thresholds for using veteran-owned businesses (VOBs) in their supply chain and as a part of their procurement process. The benchmark is set by the score of the leading organization. Any company scoring at least 20% of the top score earned the Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity Program designation.

Additionally, we use public data sources in our assessment. Companies are negatively scored if the company was found in violation of veteran protections within the past 12 months, such as:

  • Company has an outstanding claim(s) case or violation under investigation by the US Departments of Labor or Defense, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • Company has been debarred from participation in federal contracting.


Goals & Outcomes – 30%
Processes & Controls – 32%
Personnel & Infrastructure – 18%
Supplier Support & Development – 20%

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